Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation appoints Sakshi Maharaj as its Indian Brand Ambassador

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation appoints Sakshi Maharaj as its Indian Brand Ambassador

Islamabad: Sakshi Maharaj, India’s popular religious leader, and Member of Parliament from Unnao Lok Sabha constituency where he elected in May, 2014, has been appointed as brand ambassador of Pakistan’s tourism authority, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation today.

“We have so much confidence and trust in the leadership of Sakshi Maharaj and his statements, he always remembers Pakistan in India in his daily statements”, said spokesperson of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

“We are always keen to read news about Sakshi Maharaj and his statements which always promote our peaceful country Pakistan”, he added.

“We are not a popular travel destination in India due to our bad image but Sakshi Maharaj always tries to promote our country in every manner of publicity, which is liked by the top leaders of Pakistan”, he further added.

It is known that Sakshi Maharaj didn’t leave any chance to promote Pakistan in India by his statements.

To make India like Pakistan, Sakshi Maharaj advised Hindu women to have at least four children. It is the same ideology which Pakistan implemented and reached at the highest level of development.

Sakshi Maharaj also finds Pakistanis who are in India, and tries to convince them to return to their country for better development. Few days ago he said “Azam Khan is a Pakistani and has faith in Pakistan’s political force,”

“We are more than happy to appoint Sakshi Maharaj, the most respected person in India as our brand ambassador to promote our country among 125 crore people”, said

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is also in-talks with another BJP leader Giriraj Singh to make him brand ambassador of the corporation for India besides Sakshi Maharaj.

“BJP leader Giriraj Singh is also known personality in India who is trying to promote Pakistan among non-BJP voters”, said by one of top officials of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation on condition of anonymity.

Image Credit: ANI

Story first published on October 9, 2015 8:30 PM (IST).

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