ISIS raises $6.1 Billion in Series C Funding for Global Expansion

ISIS raises $6.1 Billion in Series C Funding for Global Expansion

New York and Baghdad: ISIS successfully acquired $6.1 Billion in a series C funding round for global expansion at a valuation of $90 billion. The market value of ISIS is more than doubled within a few years.

ISIS, one of the fastest growing start ups in the world with presence in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries with a short time of period.

ISIS attracted a large number of investors from across the world especially from Middle East and the United States in its seed funding.

Who funded ISIS in a series C funding round?

There is no official statement from any of the companies involved in a series C funding round to ISIS. In addition to that, ISIS also not interested to reveal investors information to the public.

“We are not a listed company and hence we are not responsible to provide investment information to third party”, a leader of ISIS told World News Express on a telephonic talk.

“It is in our interest that Middle East war should continue for decades and decades to get maximum returns on our investment”, said an investor on condition of anonymity.

“And the good thing about war is that we know it’s not a bubble. We know millions of people are willing to die for their God. It’s a win-win for both sides and should last for decades to come.”, he further added.

“There is much concern of tech start ups bubble in the United States, so diversifying investment portfolio into religious war is the best idea to get good returns on investment”, another investor commented through an email on condition of anonymity.

Most Popular Search Term on Google

ISIS search term searched 7,480,000 times on Google. It shows this start up is one of the most popular start ups in the world, backed by US investors.

Beneficial for the United States

“We are not investing our money into chemical plants or coal plants in the United States because all these plants pollute our country and hence we are investing our money into Middle East to get good returns and making no harmful business to our country”, he further added.

First published on May 2, 2015.

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