Delhi Man comes back from death after Modi government deposit 15 lakh in his account as promised

Delhi Man comes back from death after Modi government deposit 15 lakh in his account as promised

New Delhi: In a surprise incident, Delhi man comes back from death after Modi government deposited 15 lakh in his bank account as promised in Lok Sabha Elections. Earlier, BJP President clarified that it was “Chunavi Jumla” or “Political Jumla”.

45 years old Delhi man had suffered from heart-attack due to bad financial condition of his family. He failed to maintain his house’s budget in this high-inflation era.

“Due to bad financial condition of our family, my father was suffering from massive depression and resulted into massive heart-attack”, told by his son with tears in the eyes to our correspondent.

“We immediately called an ambulance and rushed to AIIMS for better treatment. However, doctors declared him dead when we reached”, he further added.

All friends and relatives reached at the hospital to stand behind the family members of the deceased.

At this time, deceased son received an SMS which wrote “Your account xxxxxxx785 Credited INR 15,00,000 on 18-10-2015 – TFR. Avl Bal 15,10,000”, he immediately shouted that the Modi government kept his promise and credited Rs. 15 lakh in our bank account.

Rs. 15 Lakh SMS

Rs. 15 Lakh SMS

After his son’s remark, 45 years old man walked up from his bed and says “Yes, we have finally received Rs. 15 lakh as promised by our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi”.

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“Narendra Modi’s ‘promise’ as the party’s PM candidate that each Indian would receive Rs 15 lakh when black money would be repatriated from abroad was an ‘idiom’ and should not be taken literally.” said Amit Shah to the Economic Times.

World News Express inquired about the incident of Rs. 15 lakh deposited in one of the citizens of Delhi. However, the Modi government’s official clarified that they haven’t deposited any amount of money in anyone’s bank account.

Note: Identity has been kept secret as requested by the family members.

Featured image credit: Medical News Today

New first published on October 19, 2015 at 11:40 PM (IST).

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