Chhota Rajan’s deportation deferred by a day due to airport closure

Chhota Rajan’s deportation deferred by a day due to airport closure

The boss of major crime syndicates, Chhota Rajan’s deportation from Indonesia’s Bali is unlikely to happen today as the airport will remain closed. Bali airport will remain closed until Thursday due to volcanic eruptions on Mount Rinjani on a nearby island, meteorological agency said on Wednesday.

Rajan’s deportation was held up earlier on Tuesday due to closure of the Ngurah Rai International Airport because of spewing of volcanic ash. The airport was temporarily shut down on Tuesday and all flights were grounded, officials said. The airport will remain shut till November 5, 6 :15 am.

Rajan, who was arrested in Bali last week, was to be brought back to India tonight. A volcanic eruption at Mount Rinjani near the island had disrupted flights but sources said attempts were being made to put Rajan on flight to India.

The Indian authorities were keen that the deportation happens at the earliest and had requested Indoesian authorities regarding the same, according to sources. A source said that the process of deportation can take one to two days in such cases.

The Mumbai Police has said that Rajan will be taken to Delhi and will be in the CBI’s custody. Earlier, there was confusion over where he would be taken first amid reports that security agencies were not comfortable with the Mumbai Police handling the case.

Rajan alleged this morning that “some in the Mumbai Police” have links with underworld don and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

“The Mumbai Police has done a lot of ‘atyachar’ (atrocities) on me…the government should look into that.

Some in the Mumbai Police are mixed up with Dawood,” Rajan, in orange prison uniform and cuffs, said to Indian reporters in Bali’s Denpasar.

Asked whether he would feel safer in Delhi, Rajan replied: “I am not afraid of Dawood. All my life I have fought against terror and will keep fighting against Dawood and terror.”

He added: “I will go wherever the government will take me. I just want justice.”

Rajan is likely to be arrested by the CBI for using a fake passport.

The 55-year-old gangster, who faces over 70 cases of murder, extortion and drug trafficking just in Mumbai, was arrested on October 25 as he stepped off a flight from Sydney using an assumed name “Mohan Kumar”.

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