Indian scientists finds a new ‘Anti-Abortion Pill’ which kills mother, leaves fetus alive

Indian scientists finds a new ‘Anti-Abortion Pill’ which kills mother, leaves fetus alive

Bangalore: In a major breakthrough, Indian scientists find a new ‘Anti-Abortion Pill’ which will kill mother instead of the fetus. It is the major breakthrough in the history of the medical sciences in the world.

“We have applied for approval of this unique anti-abortion pill in the office of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, New Delhi. We are expecting that this pill will change the mind of many wannabe parents in India”, said an Indian scientist to the World News Express in a telephonic interview.

“This drug has been developed for an extreme condition, not for regular use.”, he further added.

India is a well known country for Female foeticide since centuries. India is already struggling of the big gap ratio between male and female child. One of the main reasons for this large gap is Female foeticide.

A social activist says, “After discovering this drug, the woman needs to think twice before going for an abortion. If they really care for their fetus, they will not go for abortion instead they will try to care for their fetus”.

Anti-Abortion Pill Advocate

Anti-Abortion Pill Advocate

“In extremely rare case, If the mother do not want to live due to Female fetus, she can go for this pill immediately which will save an innocent fetus. I think no one will end their own lives. It’s an easy step to kill an unborn fetus (girl) in the mother’s womb, but it’s difficult for a mother to kill herself. So, this drug will prevent Female foeticide in India”, she further added.

The drug company which discovered this pill is confident to get more sales and may be popular among boyfriend and husbands in the country. They are also expecting that the Government of India should provide this pill free of charge to BPL card owners across the country.

Featured Image Credit: India Times

New first published on October 20, 2015 at 12:40 PM (IST).

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